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You have seen around the Internet, people advertising how they were able to create their own online marketing business and make money from the Internet or you have heard from friends how they started an online marketing business and you are curious to know if this is possible for anyone. Or you have a different story that made you curious about the topic for one reason or another.

There are different kinds of Online Marketing Businesses. Here is a list of some of the most popular:

– Create a website and promote other people’s products: Affiliate Marketing. This allows you to get commissions on every sale. What you need to do is bring targeted people to your website. You can also choose to promote these products in other ways, PPC, bought media, emails and any other online marketing practice.

– Create an e-Shop. There are easy ways to create e-Shops such as Shopify.

– Become a blogger (this can also be connected with Affiliate Marketing)

– Create an online marketing agency. This is best to be done by people who have a lot of experience online and can feel comfortable offering these services to other people.


Affiliate Marketing is the most popular way of creating an online marketing business and it is growing more and more. Check here for the best affiliate marketing program for beginners.

Are you interested in starting an online marketing business? Have you already started one? Below are some points you need to know and remember during this amazing journey:

online marketing business

1. Anyone can do it.

By anyone, i mean any age, any educational or professional background, any financial background. You don’t need to work in marketing or any related field to learn how to do it. To undertstand that this is true, know that most people succesful in affiliate marketing have never worked in marketing or had zero knowledge of it before and people who work in corporate jobs in marketing often know little about affiliate marketing, SEO and website management.

2. It is easy but needs a lot of work.

It is not physics or even mathematics. Once you have the right tools to lead you and teach you the way, it is just a process. But it requires work. It will not just kick off on its own if you don’t put the work and effort first. Owning any kind of business requires work just as any job would ask for.

3. You can start this business without a lot of money. You mainly need Internet service and the right tools to take you to the right direction.

The costs are minimal in comparison to starting an offline business. They usually include website related costs such as domain, hosting, a site creation platform such as SiteRubix and content management platform, educational resources etc. A lot of these, even though their cost is minimal, they can also be found for free. You need Internet and you can do it in the comfort of your home. Comparing this to the costs of an offline business, it’s a game changer.

4. It takes time to take off. Do not believe in the next-day or even next month millionnaire rumours about internet marketing.

A lot of people have been in the make money niche of Online Marketing but to be specific, most of these people are in the make money MLM business (Multi Level Marketing). They say they have become millionaires in a year and they show their amazing life on the beach in YouTube, Facebook or Instagram advertisements calling you to leave an email to show you how they did it. Be aware of Multi Level Marketing companies who promise the world only if you pay a few thousands or hundred of thousands first on their company. This get rich quick scheme is not the reality. Very few individuals have made it because they were some of the first joining their pyramid. What I am talking about in this article is about Affiliate Marketing and yes there is a make money niche that is actually legit.

5. You can really make a full time income – it depends on you. The sky is the limit.

The more you work on your online marketing business, the more you will see your work in fruition. Usually the most critical time is the beginning until it kicks off. Do not give up if you don’t see results in a month or two. No serious enterpreneur gave up on their business in the first half year because they didn’t see results and no succesfull business became succesful in a year. You need to persist. Keep working on it and trust the process. Results will come and there will be a time when you will be able to have your business almost on auto-pilot.

6. It is a learning process in the way to success.

Starting an online marketing business will teach you new things regularly. One thing will lead to another, error and test will lead to success and before you know it you will become knowledgeable on all matters around websites and online business.

7. You need a website.

A website is a representation of who you are, your personal brand. You need one and luckily for all of us, we can create one on our own and very cheap. You don’t need to go to other people and pay large amounts of money to create one. They will most probably create one and then let it to you. If you don’t know how to manage it on your own, you will have paid money for nothing. Invest in learning how to create and manage a website. A very easy way is through my #1 Recommendation.

8. It can really be based on any niche/topic you may be interested in.

There are so many affiliate marketing programs online that you can choose any topic you are passionate about. However to learn the operational details of how to create an online affiliate marketing business read this.

9. If someone asks for large amounts (thousands) of money just to allow you to start an online/affiliate business upfront do not buy it.

This goes back to my point four on MLM companies. Legit affiliate programs do not require you to pay these large amounts of money that MLM companies ask. They are disguised as affiliate marketing companies so be aware folks.

10. Last and most important, online marketing is FUN and will be working for you even while you sleep. The feeling of acheivement will be much higher than any regular job would give you.

Not only you can get external rewards (financial) but you also get intrinsic rewards such as the feeling of acheivement, the feeling of progress from learning new things and move one step further every time. It is fun and it’s something that can produce results any hour of the day and any day of the year. If something happens and you cannot work, that is ok because your business will continue to be working for you. You will not have to ask for permission from anyone to get time off or even have to stop your income to take that break for whatever reason is needed.



Creating an online marketing business is fun and you can start it during your time off from a regular job or even better start it full time if you have the time. Check my #1 Recommendation to get more information on how to get started or take your already online business to the next level.




  • Jasmine Maki

    Hi there! Thanks for this eye-opening information. I keep seeing posts and ads of people making millions from their bed. I always thought it was impossible for the average person and that those people just got really lucky. Thanks for explaining the difference between MLM schemes and affiliate marketing. Now, I know it’s definitely possible to create a successful online business but will take time and effort. I love your honesty. Thanks again.

    • Kay L

      Hi Jasmine and thanks for leaving your comment! Yes it’s important for people to know the difference between them before making a decision, especially if it involves money. 

      All the best,


  • Simon

    A great read, no doubt.

    I’ve been a part of the whole affiliate marketing for over a year now, but without much to show for it. It’s quite complicated actually and you have to combine web design, management, marketing, writing and the lot to be successful – but you can be.

    What are your thoughts on outsourcing content and using freelancers to do SEO and other similar things?

    • Kay L

      Hi Simon,

      Thanks for leaving your comment!  I think it’s good to hire freelancers to do things that you really can’t do yourself or things that will allow you to spend time on more important stuff. It also depends on how much budget you have available for the extra help. For SEO though i definitely recommend doing it on your own. Wealthy Affiliate has great training on SEO and keyword optimization. It really isn’t difficult. Before i joined WA, i thought of SEO as a mystery but now it is so clear in my mind. Regarding content, i know successful people in affiliate marketing from Wealthy Affiliate who hired professionals to do part of their content and it helped them a lot in the way to success but you just need to find the right freelancers. Not all work is worth the same. Here is some helpful information on how to outsource.

      Please let me know if any more questions, i’d be happy to connect and help if i can. 

      All the best with your affiliate marketing business! 


  • Eric Chen

    Hello Kay,

    Thank you for the informative article! I am thinking about starting an online business, but lack the motivation because I don’t want to commit time and fail.

    After reading your article, it encouraged me to at least try because the risk is mainly time, but if effort is put into it, you can really make it happen.

    I really like the idea of the website working for me while I sleep and I’m sure that is a dream most people desire.

    Thank you very much,

    • Kay L

      Hi Eric and thanks for leaving your comment on my site! Motivation is very important and you have to realize that you are doing this for yourself and see the bigger and long term picture. Check this article by a fellow online entrepreneur from Wealthy Affiliate where he explains why people fail: https://workfromhomeworld.com/

      Wealthy Affiliate is actually my #1 recommendation when it comes to learning about an internet business and is one of the best online marketing business opportunities as it includes training, tools and a motivational community all together in one. 

      Believe in yourself and stick to your goals and you will get there eventually! 


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