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law of attraction for you in lifeHave you ever wondered if the Law of Attraction really works for you in life? Have you ever had someone tell you that you should be positive, grateful and believe in something in order for it to become real?

I have studied a lot on the subject and i have also applied the principles of this law so i have proof that it works. It works, as long as you apply all the small details that need to be applied. And it is very subtle.

The reason a lot of people do not get it or try to test it and then get disappointed is because they do not fully understand how it works. It is not simple. In summary you can say it can sound simple but in reality, there is a lot of mental work that needs to be done if someone is not in that mindset already.

Do you ever wonder why for some people everything seems to come so easy and for other people everything seems to come with difficulties? Everyone has a different path in life and everyone will need to have different experiences because not everyone needs to have the same lessons out of life. Okay, life is not supposed to be easy all the time for anyone because otherwise we would not learn from it and we would not have the opportunity to progress, become stronger and appreciate some things. Even for people who seem to have it all, in their own perception they do get caught up with unfortunate events sometimes or obstacles but what sets them aside is the way they respond to them.

Some people learn from their childhood, influenced by their parents or closest family,  how to naturally have a positive, appreciative attitude towards life. Some people get a lot of support from their parents and positive reinforcement so that when they are adults they tend to be more positive in their lives. This is just how they are. Being positive, is not a one time event where they are being positive and appreciative and then they get back into their regular difficult life and get angry from what life throws at them. You could respond to me now and say “Yeah, it’s easier for them because they had such and such help in their life already and they don’t have to deal with difficulties such as mine.” I do  understand this thought but like it or not, people are raised in different ways, from different parents, if they even have any.

So i would respond to you and say that “Yes, you are right that in the end it could be easier for them to be more positive about difficulties that come up but this is how they are raised and the way you were raised may be different but you cannot change this. So even if you hold grudges or are disappointed from some things your parents did to you; that is something that cannot be changed. Most of the times, parents try to do their best the way they think is best but in the end they have opposite results without having bad intentions.

Once you become an adult though it is your responsibility to decide if this will change and if it will take a different direction for you. Your mind and brain can be your strongest ally, weapon or could also be your worst enemy. The good thing is that you are the Master of yourself and of your mind and you have the power to give it directions and feed it with what you want it to become.

Getting back to the Law of Attraction, in order for it to work for You, you need to have this right mindset before going on to:

  • Step 1: Wish
  • Step 2: Allow
  • Step 3: Manifest

If you do not already have the right mindset, the good news is that it can change!! Mindset can change. Your mind has a conscious part, a subconscious and an unconscious part. If you understand these three parts and how they are connected, you can then program them to make them work for you.

The reason i mention the mindset is because it is the basis of everything in life. Your mind.

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