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define goalsHow do you define dreams and how do you define goals? What is the difference?

For me, a dream is a vision that can be realistic or it can also be very far away from reality.

A goal is  a little closer to reality. We may sometimes set goals that we are not sure if we can achieve them but we still set them anyway. However, the fact that they can be set, makes them achievable. It means that a little part of you, inside of you, believes that they can be achieved. Goals can be the means to reach a dream, a higher goal or find your purpose.

Goals give direction and structure but knowing how to approach them is a detail that a lot of people forget and it could be detrimental to their goals.

Here are some golden rules when setting goals:

  1. Set realistic goals and write them down in a notepad.
  2. Give them numbers by order of priority. Priority is how important they are to you. 1 can be extremely important and the last number can be the less important.
  3. Give them categories. For example: fitness, business, money, personal life, social life, health.
  4. Copy one by one below and under each goal, think of a strategy of achievement and write it down in different points. The strategy can be little sub-goals that can be either new or existing habits or a certain action that needs to be taken.
  5. Give a timeframe to your goals and then set timeframes to the sub-goals

Some goals require new habits to be formed. Creating new habits is a whole science on its own. Just remember that it needs from 2 months to 8 months to form a new habit. So you just have to persist during the first times.

You can also go one step ahead and write down the plan in your calendar. For each month or week or trimester (you can be as flexible as you want) write down which goals or sub-goals are going to be done. So every Sunday, look at your plan of the week ahead and it will remind you of the goals.

Timeframes are important to set and it is crucial that you are good to yourself and set realistic timeframes and be flexible about them. Do not put a very strict deadline on something that will stress you or put too much pressure on you. If you do not achieve a certain goal within the timeframe, do not panic. Being flexible is important. Life is changing all the time, setbacks happen. The most important thing is to be flexible enough to be able to adapt to new situations without losing faith in you or losing vision of your goals.



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