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blog comments help seoDoes blogging help SEO? The answer is a big YES. But why?

Search Engines are the ones dictating how to perform good Search Engine Optimization so when trying to optimize a website, we have to take into consideration what the search engines like.

Here are 5 reasons why blogging helps SEO:

1. Search Engines like content.

Content is key for SEO and blogging is automatically considered content. Content allows you to share information with your audience. It also allows you to rank for the different keywords that are present within it. Keywords are a strategic piece of your SEO and by blogging on a new topic/keyword every time, you can expand the keywords you are ranking for in the search engines and thus increase traffic to your website.

2. Search Engines like NEW content.

Blogging allows fresh content to be published on your site and Google or any search engine likes to see that you have new content. It means your site is maintained and is up to date for your readers. Publishing new and unique blog posts consistently increases the trust between your site and the search engines. Trust is an important component for the optimization of your website’s ranking.

3. Search Engines like links.

A blog post is a perfect place to create links. Some can redirect to other pages within your website and some can redirect to other external websites. Both these types of links are good. Moreover, the power of social media and social sharing is undeniable. If people can share your blog posts, it creates additional links directing to your site which is another strong indicator for search engines to rank you well.

4. Search Engines like user engagement.

What better sign than user engagement would be to prove that your website has interesting things to say to your readers? A blog post  can allow comments. If people are commenting on your blog post, even better create conversations, it means that your content triggered interest. Search Engines want to be fair and want to give the best possible service to both its users and its inventory (websites) so by knowing that your website creates interest, they will rank you higher.

Furthermore, comments are a great additional asset for your blog post because they create new keywords for you to be ranked for. Yes, it’s true – blog comments help SEO! It’s amazing because they are user generated and they go beyond your own blog content.

5. Search Engines like MEDIA: images and videos.

A blog post is a perfect place to include images and videos. Search Engines want to give the best possible experience for their readers so the blog posts that can offer this, will be ranked higher. Think of it, if you are reading something, would you rather read plain text or wouldn’t it be easier to have a couple of images and/or a video in between text? Not only it’s easier to read but there are also different kind of people. Some have a stronger visual memory than others and media can help readers remember your content or brand. Not to mention that alt text for images is important for your SEO strategy.


SEO is not hard. You just need to put in some time to learn about it, here is a post that explains what SEO is about.

If you want to learn SEO or create a blog but don’t know how to create a website, manage it or even promote it through the different channels, i recommend looking into WA Education. It’s an amazing source of information about everything that has to do with websites and internet marketing.

I would love to have your opinions on the topic so don’t hesitate to leave a comment or contact me through the form!



  • Gomer Magtibay

    I think, this is one of the easiest to understand articles that I’ve read about the reasons blogging can help SEO. The reasons are itemised and arranged in an orderly manner. They are the same reason why I love blogging too.

    I think videos are the most favoured materials by Google. I even saw blogs that have very little content but they are ranking high because of the video that’s within the article.

    If I blog like that, with just few words but has a video in it, do you think my post would also rank well?

    • Kay L

      Hi Gomer and thank you so much for your comment! You are right about videos. Everything is going into that direction online.. and yes i believe that if you blog this way and have the right keywords you will rank well for sure..

      All the best to you and your blog for 2018! 


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