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SEO is Seach Engine Optimization and it is free. PPC is pay-per-click advertising on the search engines and it is paid. Do you wonder if these two are connected? If they affect each other? Do you study your keyword ranking search before? Google says no. Google distinguishes these two departments of its business into separate sections that have no connection the one with the other. The reality though is that, even if they have no direct relationship the one with the other, PPC does have some underlying effect.

PPC does not help your website’s natural ranking on the search engines.

As mentioned above, your website’s natural ranking will not be affected by PPC campaigns. It is only affected by your SEO efforts rather than anything else.  PPC though can help have residual positive effects by offering awareness of your site or your brand.

PPC can be bring a branding element to your advertising.

PPC could help people get to know and recognize your brand and as a result, make them remember your website. By remembering your website, they could come back to it at a different time directly. Direct traffic does affect your natural ranking positively. Direct traffic is when people type your website directly in the search engine. This is one of PPC’s residual positive effects to SEO even though it’s not a direct effect.

PPC and SEO should be seen as complementary to each other.

If you are using PPC campaigns then you should definetely work on your SEO!! Dismissing SEO because you have PPC campaigns is not a wise decision. First of all, PPC is paid whilst SEO is free. Why not make the most of both if you have the means? Learning SEO is the only part you need to invest in and it’s not so hard as it may sound. Check here my post explaining what is SEO about.


Use PPC to rank for keywords that you don’t already rank for organically.


Unless you are a famous brand that has the budget to have a PPC campaign on the same keyword you are already ranking for organically, then i wouldn’t recommend doing it as it may result in you paying for the traffic you already have. Optimize your PPC campaigns and study your keywords before paying for them. Choosing the right keywords can bring great visibility to your website. You might want to choose different keywords for your SEO targeting and your PPC campaigns. Here is a post about choosing the right keywords for SEO.


It is fair for everyone that Google distinguishes the two, to have a balanced and meritocratic ranking system in the search engine. Imagine if PPC directly helped SEO. Then the biggest budgets would have the first and best rankings. Google is the middle man between advertisers/websites and the users who browse the internet and it wants to offer the best quality of results to both. Here is an article from Google itself about the two: PPC vs. SEO that is worth reading.

Lastly, if you want to learn more about Internet Marketing and how to develop your online website into an online business, check my Wealthy Affiliate University review.

Happy SEO everyone!



  • Rab

    A very informative article about the uses of PPC. At first I wasn’t sure whether I should target paid traffic or just simply by doing SEO and getting organic traffic.

    You’ve explained clearly on the part whether the two are balanced. And yeah I agree with you, it makes much more sense to do PPC for keywords that you are not getting organically. Thanks! This is really helpful

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