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Do you own a small business or want to start a small business and need a free website? Having a website is indispensable these days since it can allow you to increase your client reach, it can help your clients trust you and it allows you to have an online presence that represents your small business’ character and values.

If you are a small business, you don’t need to go and spend large amounts of money to web development agencies in order to build a website. It’s great we now have a lot of options online to build free websites on our own and in very easy and user friendly ways. You don’t need to be a web programmer or developer to create one. You just need to subscribe to the right solution and create it yourself.

There are a lot of options out there to create free websites but how do you know which one to choose?  All of them have great things to offer but i will stick to one specific program for one simple reason:

SiteRubix is a site builder platform that not only allows you to build free websites, but also gives you free access to training on website building and online marketing (SEO, social, search etc.) which is invaluable.

SiteRubix menu
Site Rubix Menu

Some of the other advantages are that you can buy your domain directly in there if you want, you have free hosting (!! yes!) which is powered by the WA platform, you have SSL certificate free of charge (!! this is great since Google now prioritizes and trusts secure sites and this normally is not free), it is connected to WordPress so you have all of WordPress themes and plugins plus more exclusive ones. These are just some of the most important advantages of SiteRubix but there are more related to support, feedback, comments etc.

SR is powered by Wealthy Affiliate so when you sign up you have free access to the Wealthy Affiliate community as well and you can check it out.

Basically, it allows you to not only create a website but really create a business and make something valuable out of it.

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