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Hi everyone,

I am Kay, the owner of this site. I created Work From Home World to help people who wish to earn extra money online or create their own online business.

This site’s mission is to:

  1. Teach and inform on Internet Marketing and anything that has to do with an Online Business.
  2. Motivate and inspire people to follow their dreams and reach their goals.

A Little About Me

I have been working in online advertising for over 5  years now but I started looking for opportunities to create my own online business around 2 years ago.  I didn’t want to depend on any other person to offer me the life i wanted to live or to ensure that my family’s future was in good hands. Not to mention that i believe that being an employee, nowadays, has more risks than working for yourself. I wanted to become an online entrepreneur. Which  i did and i’m enjoying it since it gives me the opportunity to work from wherever i want and whenever i want to. It also gives me a security feeling to know that if something happens outside of my control, i can at least count on this part that i can control.

I had found many programs, products and ways that promised millions but needed a huge amount of money upfront and i couldn’t really find honest good reviews about them. Then, i found the program that actually helped me and taught me exactly how to build my own online business.

This is what i want to teach you to do too!

A Little About You

You probably found my page because you are interested in one or more of the topics of Work From Home World. In addition to this, you are probably interested in knowing how you can also create a website and an online business from home.

It does not matter where you are from, how old you are or your educational/social background. Anyone can do it. As long as you are really serious about it and willing to put time and effort to build your business. If you are looking for a quick make money scheme, this is not the right place for you.

Are you still reading? Good! That means you agree with the above and are interested to really find out how you can also create an online business from home.

checklist before i show you how you can create your online business

work from home

  1. Get in the right entrepreneurial mindset:Working as an employee is different than building your own business. You need to have the right entrepreneurial mindset and discipline to work on it on your free time. I have been reading and researching a lot of that motivational and entrepreneurial books and i will be presenting them here in my site too. What i understood is that it doesn’t matter where you are coming from, your background or studies. What matters is the level at which you want this and if you have the right mindset of believing in yourself and in your ability to succeed.
  2. Get into the mindset of working hard: wouldn’t you do this for any job or business? Then why would you compromise for your own business. Put your best self for your own business.
  3. Don’t be afraid to fail: once i started my website, i worked on it and tried different things to see what worked best. This experience is what will give your expertise in your field. Internet Marketing is all about trial and error, eliminating the bad choices and boosting the good ones. Marketers call that ‘optimization’. No one ever got it from its first attempt and if they did, the result wasn’t big enough.


Do what you love and success will follow. 

Where to take it from here

I hope that by now, you are ready to take action and build your own online business. It is after all, an exciting opportunity that the Internet has offered us when it came into our lives.

I welcome you in Work From Home World and i hope you can find here  what you were looking for. I am here to help you find your own passion and convert it into an online business.

The first step is to check my post on how to start an online business from home.

The second step is to sign up for free.