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If you are reading this right now, i am assuming that you own a website and you are looking to know more about keywords in order to make it rank as high as you can in the search engines. Search engines like content.  And you need a good website keyword rank checker. Search engines will rank different pages of your website according to their evaluation on how relevant they are against specific keywords that you set as important.

In order to find the right keywords, you first need to make a little research and the best way to do this effectively is with a website keyword checker tool.

Your website must have a general subject, a purpose and a specific target group of users. Knowing these, will help you to define what keywords you will try to rank against.

When writing content in your website, you always need to have in the back of your mind, what your purpose is, who is going to read this and most probably convert (a conversion can be anything depending on your site) and the keywords you decided  to rank against.

website keyword rank checkerEach page and post on your site will try to compete in search engines to be ranked high so a user can access your website through any of these different keyword entrance points.  So every post and page that is published, would be good to have an intent. The user is looking for some information when reading your posts and it will be good for them if you make it as easy as possible to find the information they need. For example, if you are selling athletic shoes, you would not necessarily want to rank under “shoes” where you would also have a huge competition as it’s a very broad and general keyword. You would prefer to rank in “athletic shoes” or other more niche keywords that do not have as much competition yet and at the same time they are more relevant for the person who will end up in your webpage. What i am trying to say is that, yes you are trying to rank your website high but you also need to attract to your page the right audience that will most likely convert.

Now, how do you know and find the right keywords for your site? You can research the performance that keywords will give you through some great keyword checker tools online, such as Jaaxy and which can save you a lot of time and hard work.

For example, Jaaxy will give you how many average searches are being made for each keyword monthly, how many visits you would get if you ranked high against that specific keyword, how much competition you will have and how likely you are to rank high for these keywords. I use Jaaxy and i love it as it gives structure and helps me rank my pages in an easy and smart way.

You can also see what rank you have in search engines against specific keywords so you can see if you went up or down or if you stayed stable.

The most important conditions to meet when choosing your keywords are:

  1. The keyword has enough traffic monthly (starting at around 500 searches is my start point)
  2. The keyword has not a lot of competition (i try to keep it less than 100)
  3. The keyword has a good quality sign (green sign in Jaaxy)

If the keyword meets these three conditions and it is also relevant to your website’s subject and goal then you should absolutely go ahead and base your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) efforts on it.

You will see that very soon, you will start getting ranked higher and higher for it and you will see your website traffic increase.

You can check out Jaaxy in my personal 2017 review and also let me know what you think of this post in the comments below. I always like to get different opinions on my posts and i hope that this was helpful for you.



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