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MOBE Review: Can you really make money with MOBE by Matt Lloyd? Is MOBE a scam?


MOBE reviewsAre you looking for honest MOBE reviews? Can you really make money with MOBE? Is MOBE a scam? Is MOBE worth it? Read through to understand more of how MOBE is operating.

Name: MOBE (My Own Business Empire or more recently renamed to My Own Business Education)


Price: $47 – $65,000+

Owner: Matt Lloyd

Overall Rank: 5/100

MOBE Overview

Think of a traditional MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) company. Now think of it in its online version. MOBE is a multi-level marketing company that operates online and their product offering is business education that will make you a multimillionaire. It’s not just any business education. It’s just education on how to sell MOBE. So basically, you are buying the rights to sell education on how someone else can sell these rights as well. It sounds complicated i know.

MOBE has a lot of entrance points where they recruit new possible clients. So even the entrance points are made in such way that a lot of times you pay to even be a POSSIBLE client. Their business plan is perfectly designed to be a cash machine for the owner.  Once they recruit you as a possible new client (for which you probably also paid for that), then the real harassment from sales their sales people starts with the main goal to make you buy the rights to their different products. Their products are built in such way that you cannot just buy anyone you want. There is a hierarchical order so first you must buy the cheapest and then continue buying all of them until the most expensive. If you are a MOBE client or how they will call you a business entrepreneur, the total MOBE program will cost you more than $65,000. Once you buy ALL their products, their sales representatives will stop harassing you and they will move on to other POSSIBLE clients. Now, what you do with the education they will offer you it’s up to you. Their business depends on you spending money to bring in more POSSIBLE clients. So on top of the rights that you buy to resell that education, you must now spend money on online advertising to bring in new possible clients that will be added in the pyramid under you. The total cost now might go up to $80,000 or even $100,000. So what about earning? Yes, once you bought everything and you are set and rolling, for every new person who buys the rights from you, you get around 50%-70% of what they paid. So if you get rolling and convince people spend so much money on that (just as you were convinced by someone) then yes you get a lot of money out of it. Remember your  50%-70% of the money you paid, went to the person who referred you as well. It’s like a cycle.

Let’s talk about the actual education they offer you..

is mobe a scamWhat they are promising to teach you, you can basically find cheaper ways to learn or you can even find it free through the Internet. Online marketing works and is part of ANY business so they are basically just teaching you a small part of the business world, not to say just a small part of online marketing. They are teaching you how to create sales funnels online, create email lists and then send emails to your list every day with sales pitches to buy MOBE. They are also teaching you how to buy traffic. They are not teaching you how to get traffic organically (free) or even how to create a website or anything. On the contrary, once you buy something you will start getting calls from salespeople trying to sell you things like create your own website etc. Please, i want to highlight here that if you intend to have a website you need to know how to optimize it for SEO in Google and the search engines on your own. Pay to have a website you know nothing about or how to edit and post articles and optimize, is not worth it.

Let’s talk about the motivation they will give you.. And the AMAZING life they will promise you..

The MOBE program by Matt Lloyd is cleverly designed to make its target audience convert. They know exactly what to say to you at every stage of the sales funnel you are finding yourself to be. I must admit, it’s genius. They offer the psychological triggers you need to hear at the time you need to hear them. They will show you promotional videos of people living the life of MOBE, people who went to their MASTERMIND trips in exotic locations such as the Bahamas! Detail here, you have to pay extra for these trips! And they are not cheap!

Who is their target audience?

People who need money, people who want to get out of their 9-5 jobs, people who want to work from home, people who are not happy with their lives right now, people who want to create a business but don’t know how.

Let’s be honest, i just described a rather big portion of the population. But isn’t it ironic that the target audience of MOBE is NOT  a rich person but at the same time they require them to pay $80,000+ to get started?

This is why, they will offer you FINANCING loans…

Isn’t that risky? You might just end up hustling to pay the debt in the end instead of concentrating on your business. I wonder what portion of MOBE’s revenue comes in from loans they give vs. the actual products they sell.

The Good & the Bad

The Good:

  • Motivates you to start an online business
  • When you sell, you get big amounts because the products are so expensive and they expect people who converted to the first levels to go on and convert to the higher levels.

The Bad:

  • Very expensive.
  • Hard to sell such expensive products.
  • They show you the end result of being happy and a millionaire without really teaching you how to do it.
  • Does not allow you to see the platform or their products before buying them.
  • Education is incomplete for an online entrepreneur.
  • Does not teach you any technical material about websites and businesses.
  • Promotes their financing solutions which means they promote debt.
  • Huge risk.

Who is MOBE For?

It’s for anyone who needs money but also has $65,000+ available to pay upfront and does not mind to take such a big risk. They also need to have time.

MOBE Support

The support in MOBE is basically a role between support and sales where people are trying to upsell at the same time. They promise to help you once you pay to the next level. They have a support website which is also designed to make you buy and answer all of your questions with the intention to sell.

MOBE’s Pricing

Entrance points:

MOBE Free Internet Marketing seminars in your town: free

One of the things they offer for free (it’s the only free thing they offer) is that they do 1 hour “Internet Marketing seminars” in different towns where they are actually pumping you up to buy MOBE. They are NOT talking about internet marketing but they are actually advertising through these seminars how you can also be a MOBE “entrepreneur” and make millions. I went to one of these.

The Home Business Summit by MOBE: $497

This is what they are trying to sell you in their free seminars. This is just a 2 day extended version of the free seminar where they take you step by step  through the why’s and how’s to buy MOBE. Basically you are paying $497 for them to advertise their products again. I actually went to this one and i wrote a full review on it. Click here to check it out. During the seminar they will push you to buy there at that time during the seminar the products.

MTTB (My Top Tier Business): $47

This is a 21 step program where again it prepares you to buy the real MOBE products. So you are basically buying advertising again but it’s cheaper than the 2 day seminar. They also lock up some steps telling you that you need to contact your MOBE representative to unlock it. He will ask you to pay more to go to the next steps.

Actual MOBE products with their hierarchical order (the order you need to buy them to become a full MOBE representative):

  1. Silver: $2,497

  2. Gold: $4,997

  3. Titanium: $8,997

  4. Platinum: $14,997

  5. Diamond: $29,997

Total MOBE cost: $61,485

You only get paid for products you sell that are up to the level for which you already paid for. So for example if you only paid up until Gold and someone from your customers bought Silver, Gold and Titanium, you will only get paid for Silver and Gold.

In each level, there are MASTERMIND trips that you can choose to buy and it’s basically a trip at an exotic location where you have seminars on different internet marketing subjects but you must pay extra for those.

They will also try to upsell you other products and services that i don’t include here because they are not their main products and they have so many upsells that i can’t really add them all in here.

My Final Opinion of MOBE

I admit MOBE’s business model design is genius. It started some years ago when the market was not so saturated so the first members that got in, are the ones who made most money and who will continue making most of the money in MOBE. You will always see them advertise MOBE and try to convince you to get into it. They are also the same ones that you will see in the MOBE testimonials.

Because MOBE’s business isn’t completely ethical in a way that it promises people to make them millionnaires and might convince people who are in need to get into debt and spend these huge amounts of money without really explaining them how they will achieve success, Matt Lloyd has changed the name of the business a couple of times.

What is really a misconception is that MOBE is promising people to make them millionnaires fast. But this is not true.  This is how we get people thinking that the internet can make them millionaires overnight and they are not willing to put in real work and effort for an online business. ANY business online or offline requires someone to work on it and put effort in it in order for it to work. It’s not like winning the lottery.


MOBE is not a scam, it is legit. But do you really want to do that to yourself? I clearly do not recommend it. Unless you don’t mind spending $65,000 upfront and not be sure of your return.

WHAT I RECOMMEND, is Wealthy Affiliate. It does not have any upsells, and you can join for free to check their platform and everything they are offering you. Their only paid membership is the premium one which costs a small fixed amount without any upsells or anything and it is much more valuable than MOBE because it offers much more education on how to create an online business, a more well-rounded education, learn how to create a website, how to get free traffic through SEO, how to get paid traffic, how to earn money online and a big community of legit online entrepreneurs who have successful and profitable sites online. They are there to offer advice on how you too, can achieve that. Check Wealthy Affiliate here or click the button below to sign up for free.


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