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Name: The Home Business Summit


Price: $497

Owner: Matt Lloyd

Overall Rank: 20/100


The Home Business Summit Overview

Just a little history before i go into the review: I have bought the ticket to go to the Home Business Summit last year and i attended the event in September 2016 in NYC. The way i found out about it was through a “free IM (Internet Marketing) seminar” given by MOBE. First, i had seen an ad on Facebook about that free 2 hour internet marketing seminar scheduled in my city at the time so i said to myself “Why not?”. So i subscribed. I went to the free event and the words that were spoken were so motivating for me and i could really relate to the story of the speaker. The catch though is that the goal of that seminar wasn’t to teach us anything. The goal was to give us a sales pitch for the Home Business Summit. Which i bought in the end of that 2 hour meeting. The promise was that this HBS (Home Business Summit) would teach us how to be online entrepreneurs working from home so we would leave the event by knowing “exactly what we need to do to make $100,000 in the next 12 months” to repeat their own words.

Little did i know, that the HBS was still another sales pitch for something even more expensive.

So let’s start with the basics. What is the HBS? It is a 3 day event, usually held in a hotel in different cities. It is created and conducted by MOBE (My Own Business Education; previously named My Online Business Empire) and it is promising to teach everything about online traffic, why people fail, why they don’t and how you can succeed and make hundreds of thousands of dollars or even millions.

Lunch is only included for one of the days. The Summit is led by one main individual who is a MOBE affiliate but there are 3 or 4 other “helpers” who are there to support or “answer” questions.


The Good & the Bad

The Good:

  • You get into a positive, motivated, ready for action mindset
  • You get to see how MOBE works
  • You get a little glance into affiliate marketing

The Bad:

  • The price is too high to pay just to have a 3-day advertisement. I felt as if i paid to see an ad.
  • They mention online traffic but they don’t teach you really anything about traffic
  • When you ask questions that are not in their favour they get upset (at least our speaker did).
  • Do not fall into the trap that you need them because for them, you are the client and they need you. I’m just saying that because they are trying to present it as if you need them but all they are doing is pressing on human needs and manipulating human psychology.
  • It is just a promotion to up-sell MOBE program and make you a MOBE affiliate
  • They know that the reason you are there is because you want or need to earn more money so most probably you won’t have the money to buy their program right away. So they will try to make you get loans (from the bank, relatives and they even developed a loan program from MOBE) in order for you to be able to pay for their levels and the marketing of their products. This is high risk and at some point unethical because they don’t know the background of every person in there. Suggesting loans is putting you in risk but if something doesn’t go well, you will be the one in trouble, not them. Just remember that.


Who is The Home Business Summit For?

If we consider just this 3-day summit alone, i do not feel that it would be a benefit for anyone, unless someone wants to spend the money to have a nice 3 day summit to hear some ideas and get all motivated. Although the reason someone would be there is because they want to make money and not waste money.  If we consider the MOBE affiliate program alone, that is a different thing and we have another review for the MOBE affiliate program. From MOBE’s perspective, i am guessing that this 3-day summit is part of their sales funnel, they are bringing you one step closer to convert for them and buy their first level of products. For them, it is part of their promotion so anyone who showed interested is good for the summit because it means they have higher possibility to convert.

From your side though, you could become a MOBE affiliate without this summit.


The Home Business Summit Tools & Training

They will give you a leaflet of their products and how much each costs. I do not consider it a real tool or training but it’s the closest to that.

The Home Business Summit Support

There are 3-4 helpers during the seminar that are there to answer questions but be aware that their intention is to sell.

The Home Business Summit Price

The 3-day seminar of HBS costs $497 but the goal of that is to make you a MOBE affiliate which is much more expensive. The first level starts at $2,500 and the highest is $30,000 but you would still have to buy all the levels below the highest to get there so if we add everything up, that comes to almost more than $70,000 without your marketing efforts to sell their products and make money. Crazy for someone who wants to earn $100,000 in 12 months to have to pay this first right?? This is what i’m saying! This is how they will present it as “investment”.


My Final Opinion of The Home Business Summit

One thing you need to know when buying the ticket to the Home Business Summit is that you are not buying knowledge. You are not going to get out from there knowing exactly what to do. You will however, get out of there knowing exactly where to spend more of your money. I say “spend” but MOBE will tell you “invest”. The truth is, it can be an investment. But it can also be a waste. It depends on you.

The money though that you spent to buy the ticket for the HBS is a waste for me. Why? Because all three days are a perfectly designed program to:

  1. Pump you up, motivate you, speak to your heart and create a positive mindset ready to take action
  2. Advertise MOBE: they will show you how well some of the highest ranked members do, how much fun they have when they go to MOBE trips – a small dose of adrenaline and happiness that will make you want to be there.
  3. Explain the different levels of MOBE which is an MLM (Multi Level Marketing) online company and make a quick run through of how to earn money with them. They do not however explain in detail the how to. They just run through some ways in theory but they will fail to tell you how much money it will actually cost you. They will say how much you will earn but not how much you need to spend to get to earn that money.
  4. Push you to buy the first level of MOBE


VERDICT: Mobe Home Business Summit is not a scam. But i do not recommend it.

Check my MOBE review here. 

Please feel free to add comments if you have a different opinion or if you want to add something,  i’m always open to different opinions.

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