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Top 6 Wealthy Affiliate Benefits: Is Wealthy Affiliate Worth It?


If you are asking if Wealthy Affiliate worth it? Or is Wealthy affiliate worth the money for its premium membership? I have been a premium member of Wealthy Affiliate for over a year now and i created this post to outline the main benefits that someone gets. My more detailed review of it is here.

A little about my story before Wealthy Affiliate…

I have found WA online when i was researching for ways to make money online with no money down or with little money down. Before i found it though, i was caught in a different program that was an online MLM that required me to “invest” thousands of dollars upfront in order to only be able to promote their product. I had started with their free seminar, then i paid a large amount of money to attend one of their paid seminars that was promising to teach me how to create my own Internet business from home. And there, they were trying to sell their actual program, which costs thousands of dollars to begin with. Something wasn’t feeling quite right. I didn’t feel i got any real education there on Internet Marketing as they had promised, other than an attempt on brainwashing people into buying their expensive program. I was feeling they were not giving us the real picture, no guaranty of any return on our investment and without really offering real education on how to work on it. They were only offering RISK. As it turns out, once people buy their program, they are then redirected to new sales people who are trying to upsell the program or have different smaller “educational” seminars that each cost from $400 upwords. Their total program costs over $70,000. This program’s name is MOBE and i also wrote a review on that specific paid seminar i attended.

So i trusted my gut feeling and decided to run away from MOBE. This wasn’t the right program for me.

After a few months, i continueued researching about new ways to make money online for free or with little money. That’s when i found Wealthy Affiliate. I checked it and it required no credit card information to sign up and had a free membership option. I figured after my last experience i will be able to understand if this is another sketchy program or if it was worth it. Plus they were giving me the opportunity to check it out for free so what did i have to lose? I signed up immediately and as you know the rest is history!

I have tried to outline the major Wealthy Affiliate benefits that someone gets once they become a member for my readers to get a better idea of what it can offer:


1. Website technical management education

WA takes you through the process of creating and managing a website step by step. This includes, building your own website, buying your domain, making your site secure, check your site speed, setting up the sitemap and connecting to the Search Engines to be indexed. It continues its education on how to tag your website and use tracking for your online campaigns. This is just a summarized overview as i can’t give the whole list of topics here.

2. Online Marketing education

WA has training webinars and regular courses on affiliate marketing, pay-per-click (search) marketing, content marketing, SEO, Social Media marketing, CPA advertising, e-commerce and more.

3. Access to great marketing and content tools

One of the most recent additions to the tools of WA is integration with Jaaxy. Jaaxy is a keyword analysis tool and site rank tool that is essential for Search Engine Optimization. Jaaxy can be joined independently even as a non WA member, the starter membership allows you to do 30 keyword searches for free but then there is a fee for non WA members to get full access to it.

Examples of other of the great tools is SiteRubix and SiteContent. SiteRubix is a website creation tool and SiteContent is a content tool where you can write your posts and the publish them directly to your website. It gives the right templates of content to optimize SEO according to the type of the post you are writing.

4. Access to a large community of online marketers

There are thousands of online marketers within Wealthy Affiliate that interact with each other through a live chat or through WA blog comments. The environment is very positive and helpful. Members try to help each other and motivate each other to reach their goals. And this is because we understand each other and we all have similar goals even though we all come from all sort of different backgrounds, countries and age.

5. Ongoing development of new platform features

The tools and product features that you get in the WA platform are numerous. Kyle and Carson, the founders of WA always try to be ahead of the game and update the platform to correspond to the needs of today’s Internet Marketing world. There are always new announcements of new features, updated training and new capabilities of the platform.

6. Professional and Genuine Support

The support comes either from the WA members, from the professional support team of WA or even from Kyle and Carson themselves as they are both accessible through their profiles and can receive private messages.


All this is in one platform for free if you are on the Starter membership or for $49 if you are on the monthly premium membership or for $29/m if you are on the yearly premium membership. Here is an article by another member of WA on the starter and the premium memberships.

Check my official review of Wealthy Affiliate here.

Wealthy Affiliate is worth it. You can join the Starter membership for free with no credit card needed. Again, below are the main benefits you get:

  1. Technical Management Education.
  2. Online Marketing Education.
  3. Access to great marketing and content tools.
  4. Access to a large community of online marketers.
  5. Ongoing development of new platform features.
  6. Professional Support.

I am so glad i found it because Wealthy Affiliate is the real deal and it allowed me to learn so many new things and to expand my knowledge on how to make money online. If you too, want to check it out, sign up on the button below:

Wealthy Affiliate benefits





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