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Are you asking what is SEO about? Or what is SEO marketing about? Below is some essential information on SEO and important points that everyone should know. Before reading further, it’s also important to clarify that SEO is only affecting “organic” traffic. SEO has nothing to do with “paid” traffic. The difference between “organic” and “paid” traffic is simple: “organic” covers impressions and/or clicks that drive users to your website without any paid campaigns. Users just found your website through the search engine naturally. “Paid” traffic covers all impressions and/or clicks that were driven by paid campaigns you have launched. For example, if you have a Google Ad Words campaign and a user clicked on one of your ads that appeared on a page of Google, that is considered “paid” traffic or “paid” search.

How can you differentiate them? Google and most search engines make it clear on what page result is “organic” vs “paid”. Google has a little box that says “Ad” below the website title. Below is an example:

“Paid” traffic:

Organic vs paid traffic

“Organic” traffic:

what is seo about

Lastly, there is a general confusion about what “direct” traffic is. “Direct”traffic is not the same as “organic” traffic. “Direct” traffic is coming from anyone who has typed your website’s domain directly on the search engine’s bar and landed into your website directly, without going through the search engine’s results or clicking on any other page’s links where you may have links of your website available.


SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization

What is SEO optimization? Search Engine Optimization is one of Seach Engine Marketing’s practices so it belongs under the SEM category. It is the optimization of a website so that it ranks high in search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. for specific keywords that users type and search naturally.


SEO is based mostly on content

what is seo aboutSEO has evolved ever since the first days of the search engines’ existence. Other rules applied before and other rules apply nowadays. Seach Engines are the ones making the rules about this practice so you should always keep yourself educated about new updates on that if you own a website. What has always been a constant though is that content is the King for SEO. The more helpful and relevant is your content to what your audience is searching, the better your chances will be to rank high. Google is looking for clear, unique and relevant content and Google likes content A LOT. If your website has little to no content it will make it more difficult for you to get ranked high in the search engines. The more content you have the more the search engines will trust you. Remember that it’s a two-way relationship.

Keywords are a major component of SEO and they must be found in your content. Choosing the right keywords is also important to know how. I am explaining how to choose the right keywords for your content in this post.

SEO is free

SEO is a great marketing practice, it can give visibilty of your website to a large audience for free. If anyone tells you that you need to pay to get ranked in the search engines, please run away. You may want to hire an SEO specialist to do the work for you which is different but the search engines do not get any money and their decision-making is not affected by money at all to rank you in their pages.


SEO is crucial for any website

Even if you have great paid campaigns, you are advertising your website through different channels online and you are getting enough people into your website, being ranked naturally as high as you can and making it easy for your users to find you without you paying for this, increases the trust your users have towards your website or brand. Sometimes, users who type in Google something and they search for it, they ignore the ad (paid) results and go directly to the natural search results. There is a feeling of higher trust for the results that Google is suggesting them instead of what people have paid for them to see first. Although Google is making it more and more difficult for websites to advertise irrelevant content, it is still paid and irrelevant content could appear for the keywords searched.



Main Factors influencing your SEO that you should pay attention to:

1. Your domain’s age: it’s true that the older your domain is, the better it will be for SEO.

2. Your website’s age: same goes here. The older the website the more it will be trusted by the search engines.

3. Consistency and frequency of your content creation: content is the King’s head and keywords are the King’s neck.

4. The volume of your content: search engines love it.

5. Your content’s engagement with the users: are your readers interested in what you are saying? The more they are, the more search engines will understand that you have something interesting to say and they will rank you better.




I know that you may feel that i mentioned Google search engine a little bit more than the rest of the search engines but truth is that it has approximately 66% of the total share of search engine use. SEO is critical for all websites and even though it may seem difficult for people who never had to do it, it really is not difficult. It is worth the time to sit and learn about it, it will save you a lot of time, effort and money. Finally, who does not want to get ranked in the first pages of Google for free?

I learned SEO from Jay who is an amazing teacher from Wealthy Affiliate. Wealthy Affiliate is an affiliate program and online marketing education platform where you can learn how to build a website, how to do SEO, find content and other paid marketing campaigns for free, although it has a premium version as well. Here is my review of it and i really recommend looking into it. 

Happy Search Engine Optimization everyone and please feel free to leave your comments below if you have additional ideas to add!



  • JarredG

    Thank you for this clear and concise breakdown of SEO, I know this will help greatly as i am a budding IM!

    This is a great post to give a real noob to SEO the basics:)

    Tell me, does generating traffic via a Direct link as opposed to an Organic or Paid link have any effect on your Google rankings?

    For example, if i use a 3rd party site like an advertorial or classifieds site to advertise to my site to people and then they click via that site. Would that have a positive, negative or neutral effect on Google rankings?
    I want to know if Google likes or prefers Organic/Paid traffic vs. Direct or if it doesn’t matter so I can implement this into my marketing campaigns as they have yielded great results for me in the past and do in effect act as a funnel as you get people looking for what you have to offer… In fact I got a fair deal of sign ups to WA before i went premium so i did not benefit from them…

    • Kay L

      Hi Jarred and thank you so much for leaving your comment here. Paid traffic has no effect on Google’s natural search rankings. Paid traffic will help if after someone viewed or clicked on your ad, goes and makes natural searches on your site because they know you already. Free referral traffic though could help. 

      Paid campaigns are a great way to create conversions if you have a well optimized page and funnel that gives you a high conversion rate. I wish you the best and please let me know if any questions! 


  • Steven

    This post helped with my research into understanding SEO a bit better or as I sometimes call it search engine preparation because I get too worried about getting things being perfect nothing gets done at all. So thank you for breaking it down for everyone. Learning about SEO and applying what you learn really does pay off in the long run because what is better than free targeted traffic to your website? Did you learn all of your SEO at WA?

    • Kay L

      Hi Steven – thanks for leaving your comment. I agree it’s worth the time of learning about it when you own a website. I just had an idea of what SEO was about before i joined WA but didn’t really know how to apply it technically. WA gave me the tools and knowledge to actually apply it to my site in precision. 

      All the best with your SEO management 🙂 


  • Gomer Magtibay

    Thanks for explaining what is SEO, I was wondering if it can do magic with my online business. I am hearing good things about it, but since I was busy with social media marketing via Facebook, I kept on procrastinating the task of learning SEO.

    You said you learned SEO from Jay. Is he from Google? How are we sure that we he teaches people are actually good with Google? If I join Wealthy Affiliate, will I able to access Jay’s training too?

    • Kay L

      Hi Gomer and thank you for leaving your comment and question about Jay. Jay has been an online marketer for over 10 years and before presenting his methods in WA, he tests them in Google, Yahoo and Bing so not only he knows what works in Google but also in the rest of the search engines. His own website ranks 1st in Google for many important keywords which also proves how knowledgeable he is.

      Lastly, yes when joining WA you can access all of his past training webinars as well as watch his live webinars every Friday at 8pm EST and get an opportunity to ask him questions live.

      I can’t stress how important SEO is for a website owner and this is an invaluable lesson that we get in WA. 

      I see that you mostly use social media, how does this go? I’m sure if all of the methods are combined, great results can be expected. 

      All the best, 


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