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working from home jobsWorking from home jobs give you the freedom to choose when to work, when not to work and the income you will be receiving. Some take the leap and start working from home, some are scared to leave their comfort zone and some have no choice but to work from home.

There are two types of work you can do from home:


Active work:  where your income is proportionate to how many hours or how much work you’ve done.

Active to Passive work: where you put in the initial work and then your work starts showing results and your income has no limit. You can make money while sleeping and while being on holidays.

Of course there is work involved in both, the difference is that one type is active and the other type has the potential to become passive. Having a passive income is what everyone should aim for. You never know if something happens in your life and you need to pause working or you need to give time to a relative or a friend who needs you. That’s just an example but there are so many things you can do when you know you have your passive income stream flowing.


Active work options:


  1. Find an actual remote job where you will work for someone else in your field from home. Even if i put it first, it’s the last one i recommend since you really want to have your freedom and work for you, not someone else.
  2. Fiverr: Fiverr is a site where you can sign up and sell services as a freelancer. The services that you can sell go from graphics and design, digital marketing, writing and translations, music, video, programming to any kind of crazy idea you might have and you want to sell it. If you have any kind of talent i’m pretty sure you can find something to sell.
  3. Upwork: This is a site for freelancing as well but it’s only for professional services.
  4. Be a freelance writer or translator. There are a lot of sites that are dedicated just for freelance writers.
  5. Flippa: Flippa is a site where you can sell websites, apps and domains. If you know how to build even basic sites, you may have a chance to sell it in Flippa and make money out of it.
  6. Surveys: You can answer questions about different topics or complete opinion polls and you can be paid for this. Here is an example.
  7. If you are a teacher or speak several languages, you can apply to be a teacher on italki and you can be paid by each lesson you give.


Active to Passive work options:


  1. Sell other people’s products online: This is mainly called Affiliate Marketing. This is my best recommendation for most of you reading this right now. It requires some upfront work but once you get people on your website, they will start buying and you will start making commissions out of the products you sell. The great part is that it could be anything. You could be selling anything. You can choose to sell something related to a passion of yours. Another great thing about it is that you can start it with very little money. You just need to build your website and then start promoting it in order to get sales. Even if you have no technical knowledge, you do not need anyone else other than yourself to do it. Here is my number one recommendation where you can learn everything you need on how to find your niche, build a website, start promoting it and eventually start making money. The hard thing about this is that you will not expect money from the first month and you have to have other income streams in the meanwhile. But as soon as it takes off, money flows in almost on automatic pilot and since the Internet is worldwide, you have a lot of potential in terms of volumes and money. You can be an Amazon affiliate, eBay or any other affiliate marketing program online. There are millions and they are related to about any subject you may think of. There are programs that give 50% of the sale as a commission. So depending on the value of the product you promote, you will also get the corresponding amount. I have been able to create an online income by working from home part time (on my free time) from this.
  2. Sell your own products online: if you have your own products that you can sell online this is even more profitable for you since you will not just be getting commissions from other people’s products. In this case, the whole amount is yours and to make it even better you can also allow other people to sell your products as affiliates so you will sell your products by doing nothing. You will have other people making the efforts of promoting your products and the only thing you will have to do is pay them a percentage of the value of the product. How risk free is this? This is great.
  3. Invest in Property: the traditional old way.
  4. Airbnb your home: If you have additional space at home, you can rent it out through Airbnb.
  5. Buy and sell online property – domains: Domains get more valuable with age. Furthermore if you have an idea of a domain that can be catchy and that someone might want to buy it in a few years, then go on and buy it and then you can sell it in a few years. There are actual domain selling agents just like you can find real estate agents outside.
  6. Be a Bitcoin miner: this is very very technical but i am still adding it in the list because i believe it has a lot of potential. Be careful though of what you trust online because there are a lot of Bitcoin fraud schemes. Remember that whoever promises easy money should be double and triple verified by you. Bitcoin miners get paid in Bitcoin for their work and they can keep their coins until their value goes up. This is good to do as an additional income stream so that you consider this as an investment and you keep your regular cash flow from a different income stream as the main one.
  7. Invest in stock or in digital currency


Both points 1 & 2  concern Affiliate Marketing. Check here for the best affiliate marketing program for beginners.


Whatever you choose to start from, stick to your goals and you will eventually get there!






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